mSpy Review 2023 – What’s new?

Although many of the security concerns that say the target of mSpy is false, we confirm that our application has encountered a few issues. In addition, these issues have led us to improve our security measures.

Once the problem was solved, we changed the passwords of all the accounts listed in the server log (record 1252) and informed our users by email of the situation.

We also added new security principles and changed encryption keys. Since then, we are constantly reviewing our system for attempts to log into the control system using the credentials of the relevant accounts.

In addition to updating the security system, we have implemented some new features. The new mSpy interactive app was recently released by our developers. Now you can try the mSpy software for free and test its functionality immediately without installing the application on your child’s phone.

We reviewed our approach to customer support and created a new customer support environment.


Currently we have 4 levels of technical support:

– Free service for subscribers via email and live chat

– Free service for premium subscription users via email and live chat

– Lead Support Line – 12 month paid personalized customer support

– mAssistance – paid VIP assistance for up to 12 months


We also updated our refund policy. Now, you can get a full refund within 10 days of purchase if you are not satisfied with the mSpy app.

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