About Me

Hello, my name is Richard. A year ago I fell in love with a girl. She started cheating on me after just two weeks of our relationship. It was very annoying. I couldn’t stand her lies and I was determined to get hard evidence.

The mSpy was recommended to me by my older brother, who has two teenage daughters and uses mSpy app to monitor the activity on his daughters’ phones. He showed me what the online mSpy panel looks like.

He logged in and was able to see all activity, websites viewed, text messages, call logs, videos, photos and more. I was a bit surprised but decided to buy mSpy and test it, of course, on my own phone.

Guess the rest. I broke up with my girlfriend and started promoting the mSpy app in my spare time. I strongly believe that everyone deserves the truth.

If you agree with me, try mSpy.